Monday, February 14, 2011


"Please send treasured memory to the person whom you love... I will fill up (the letter) with happiness and send it 100 days later."

100-day letterbox (백일우채통, 百日郵遞筒) is a novelty idea by a cafe. in Daehangno You can write a letter and drop it into the letterbox before you leave. 100 days later, the cafe staff will help you post the letter to the addressee.

What will happen after 100 days? Happiness will befall on people who still have future to work towards. But if what's left are past memories, it's still beautiful to say, "고마워 행복한 꿈을 꿀 수 있게 해줘서." (Thank you for allowing me to dream a happy dream.)

I wonder if anyone will attempt a 100-month letterbox (백달우채통). It will definitely be more tear-jerking reading a letter posted more than 8 years ago. But there are technical challenges. Not many novelty cafes can last that long and even if they do, there won't be enough space to keep 8-year load of letters.

If memories cannot be posted, will you leave them behind in the past?


  1. This comment is not really related to the post above, but I just want to let you know that I enjoyed 'stalking' your blog for the past couple of days. I wish I have the time to read each of the entries... however I did read all entries related to Korean language, class, study, etc.
    I just would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge, tips, inputs and experiences. It was really helpful.
    I'll make sure to follow your blog from now on... (too bad I can't figure out how to subscribe... will just bookmark it for now). Again, thanks a lot! ^___^

  2. Why don't say it now? Why say it 100 days later?

  3. I guess because from now to a hundred days later, a lot of things can happen. Regardless of what happen, I can capture what I feel now or wish to express now, and hope that when it reaches my recipient a hundred days later, it will be a poignant moment shared across the space of time.

    I almost feel like a spokesperson for 백일우채통. haha!

    thanks for sharing this post, Equinox!


  4. @Alodia, you're welcome ^^. I've replied your queries. Do go back to the respective postings to check.

    @Yesmaru, there are things that get better with aging. Things like wine and soy sauce need time to give them the added taste. Things of emotion can be treated likewise. Ever wonder why people like to call fast food junk food? Haste makes waste.

    @Anonymous, I will post you a letter 100 days later cos' you say it so well. Thanks.