Saturday, January 02, 2010


It was Friday and the time was almost reaching 1pm, the end of my day lesson and my five-day school week. Megumi had been presenting on her research topic for the past one and half hour leaving no time for the second presenter. At 5 minutes to one, our teacher, listening from the back of the classroom, told Megumi, "마무리하세요." (Please do your conclusion). Megumi wasn't really anywhere near the end yet, but had to end her presentation abruptly. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It was the start of weekend and I felt a sense of joy falling upon me suddenly.

With the above story, I shall also make my "마무리" here. I am going to have a long "lunch" and then enjoy my "weekend". If you are interested in knowing what I actually mean, you may want to read my previous posting.

Happy New Year and have a great weekend ^^

Given a chance, life will extend out of any cracks and crevices. The strength of it is inherent in life itself. The day when I let 'loose' my life, I found that I was no longer helpless.

I missed the train home so I thought I just took a picture of the departing train. I have learned that opportunity missed will come again, I just need to wait patiently at the platform.

If you have noticed, I took many pictures at the end of the day because it is the most beautiful moment of the day. Just imagine, if we don't allow a day to end, how are we going to see the beautiful sunset. 있을 때 잘해야지라는 말이 좋다.


  1. Happy New Year Equinox! Thanks for taking us along with you on your Korean journey. Good luck on your next 'leg' of life's journey.

  2. Thank you for 'travelling along'.
    Have a great 2010!

  3. Happy belated new year to u Equinox ^^
    I really enjoy reading ur posts...thanks for your prompt reply to my email.

  4. i hope to read your posts on korea in future ^^

  5. It has been awhile since your last posting.Oh yea,i miss reading your entry.Can you come back already?Lol .. Have a great day.


  6. have a great day ^^

  7. Hi, i am a Korean! I am a high school student. but i am living in the U.S just for one year now. when i saw your Korean pictures, i realized that i was missing Korea so much! I enjoyed your pictures so much! I know it's hard to learn second language but i think you are pretty good at Korean!

  8. Thank you.
    Love your country more when you go back.

  9. hi!

    i happen to find your blog and i want to thank you!!! although i am not sure where you actually from but the information on korean lesson is very fulfilling for me!
    i will be your follower as same to you, I like korea very much!

    hope to be able to communicate with you in korean soon!

  10. 오서오세요, you're welcome