Sunday, December 20, 2009

900 번째

The number "900th" has not much meaning. I have already surpassed that figure long ago if I include postings which I have deleted. However, I am still using it as a point in time to take stock of what has been and what will be.

I have been using this blog of mine to motivate myself to achieve 2 goals which I set almost 3 years ago. One was to surpass 365 points for KLPT. 365 was the highest mark attained in our class when I first took my KLPT. The other was to study Korean language in Korea. I thought I would achieve the former earlier but as it turned out, the reverse was true. This only shows that life is indeed unpredictable.

I have never spoken about my goals. They seem almost insurmountable when I first told myself that I am going to get them. Now that I look back, they weren't that difficult after all. The day when I have my eyes fixed on my goals, everything just falls into place. There may be many heart-wrenching moments as I forced a change to my life's course. But once I pulled through, it was calm sea and blue sky.

As I have already achieved my goals, it is about time to quit regular blogging. I did think about finding a new purpose for my blog. I have once contemplated using it to explain Korean grammars and proverbs in English. However, I was woken up to the fact that I may be doing more harm than help. I don't learn my Korean using English so I shouldn't be doing anything different from how I was taught.

Without a fresh meaningful purpose, I am planning to end regular blogging starting next year. If there is no end, there is no new beginning. Since I want a new beginning, I need to put an end to the past somewhere. A point to note is I am quitting regular blogging, not blogging. I may return to blog once in a while if there is something interesting. Other than that, I shall use my extra time to continue with my Korean study. The only change is, I won't be talking about it in my blog anymore.

It has been a long journey but it's just a comma not a period.


  1. Waa...this blog has been very helpful for learning korean and see the beauty of Korea~
    *ouch that beautiful pic~*

    But back to ur word, for every beginning, there's and end for starting a new point...
    and as always 화이팅 for the new beginning ~~

  2. A new beginning is always good ^^ Hope the next lap in your journey will be even more fufilling~ ^^

  3. @tata, thank u~. why see pictures when you are seeing the 'real' things? :) 우리 같이 회이팅해~ ^^

    @shanna, thanks ^^

  4. You know what,everytime i read your blog i asked myself ' how did she do that ? ' and 'how can i do the same too' ..

    =_=' i still couldn't figure it out.

  5. it is about trade off. there is a need to give up something in order to get something. if you have chosen to keep what you have now, it could be that they are the more important things in your life. Of course, we can always ask to have our cake and eat it, but people who are in that position will probably not know how to appreciate their good luck. whatever it is, be contented and be happy ^^