Thursday, November 26, 2009

보이 밴드 - FT 아일랜드

I did say that it is very easy to see 'stars' in Seoul. There I was, in the Incheon Global Fair & Festival and FT Island was having their fan-signing. Majority of the fans who queued up were high school girls in uniform.

Besides high school girls, 'noonas' and 'ajummas' are equally crazy over them. They are going to perform in Singapore at the Seoul'd Out Concert on Dec 12. Nobody can be more happy than their Singapore's fans.

Below are some of their pictures. They have already been 'licensed' to Primanoona (Singapore's FT Island fansite) for their exclusive use.


  1. WoW!!!
    my favourite =)

  2. you probably also visit primanoona ^^