Saturday, March 09, 2013


I was in no rush to leave Taebaek city although I could have left for Seoul on an afternoon train.

After some rest in my room, I spent a while of my afternoon sitting in Taebaek Station watching train arrives and departs before an evening walk around the city followed by dinner. There is much enjoyment in slowing down the pace of life.

Why must we always have to rush from point to point and miss out so many things life has to offer?

Mugunghwa train arriving at Taebaek Station

In the direction of Seoul, the train departed.

Walking along the main street of Taebaek city. Dirty snow on the pavement is a hazard. One misstep and you may slip.

Christmas lightings at Huangji (황지, 黄池) Park. A small park with a pond and cafe.

Street scene of Taebaek city after sunset

My favourite veggie porridge at Bonjuk for dinner.

Taebaek Station at night. I stayed just beside it

Mt. Taebaek Snow Festival's mascots welcoming visitors outside Taebaek Station.

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