Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What greeted me at Daegwallyeong (대관영, 大關領) after an afternoon of heavy snowfall and traffic jam was a snow-covered "winter wonderland". I have a great time playing with snow. Walking through waist-deep snow was one of those awesome experience. Tasting snow was another. Pardon me if I sound more excited than I should be. I have not seen so much soft untouched snow in my life. I could have taken more pictures of the snow landscapes at Daegwallyeong if not for the limited daylight. Severe coldness was not a concern.

Song River frozen and covered in thick snow. (Click for larger image)

The snowy road to Samyang Ranch. Wind turbines of Daegwallyeong at far end. (Click for larger image)

The beautiful snow landscape made the freezing temperature bearable. I would have roam further if not for the dimming daylight.

After an afternoon of snowfall, the "aged" land looks like it was "rejuvenated".

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