Sunday, May 27, 2007

주말에 뭐 했니?

Photo taken at Changi Beach. Sunset at Changi Ferry Terminal.

In KHU, our teacher would always start off the Monday lesson by asking what we did over the weekend. I thought it was a deliberate attempt to engage us in using Korean to converse in a topic which we were familiar with. It was also an opportunity for the class to share our experiences and the places which we had been and things we had done over the weekend. As we spoke of our adventure, our teacher would supplement with some extra knowledge related to the subject that was being said. I always enjoyed those sessions of sharing. This weekend I started jogging again at Changi Beach. However, there will not be any teacher to ask me what I did over the weekend tomorrow.


  1. It is a good place to jog or walk but not many Chinese frequent this place. Usually, there are more Malay families having family gatherings there. It is a good feeling to see the big aeroplanes flying just on top of you while you jog or walk.

  2. It shows that Malays know how to take life easy and invest time in family-bonding activity :)

    Changi Beach is a good place to go during the NE monsoon period when the wind is blowing from a northeasterly direction. However, it is SW monsoon now so the air is quite still at Changi.

    I like to see the big airplanes too but the engine roar can be quite deafening >.<