Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am not going to talk about the adverb "quickly" but rather I am going to say something about the Taiwan's bubble tea franchise chain "Quickly". There is one of this "Quickly" outlet near Kyunghee University and the photo above shows that. There used to be many "Quickly" outlets in Singapore some years back. For no apparent reason, a sudden frenzy in drinking bubble tea erupted island-wide. Within a short span of time many "Quickly" outlets as well as other bubble tea chains mushroomed all over Singapore. "Quickly" was considered the "branded" bubble tea of that time. A Singaporean wife of a famous Hong Kong artiste was believed to have brought the brand into Singapore. For quite a while it seemed that "Quickly" was going to be a runaway success here. However, when the "bubble" finally burst, many bubble tea outlets disappeared from the local scene as fast as they appeared. "Quickly" was quick to achieve success but was also quick to make an exit from Singapore. But I do think that the Kyunghee "Quickly" outlet will be there to stay. I have yet to see a bubble tea shop with such nice ambience.


  1. That is the problem. When things are easily available to you, you don't treasure it.

    BreadTalk is a good example. I was so super crazy when there is one and only branch in bugis. Now ... no thanks.

    BTW, I like Sweet Talk buble tea. Cheap and nice, at S$1.20 only. :)

  2. Yes, that's right. Better treasure the opportunity to read my blog before I quit blogging. ㅋㅋㅋ

    I remember one cup of Quickly bubble tea was selling at S$3.50 then. Look at now, there is still profit to be made by selling at S$1.20. Imagine the amount of profit that was made by Quickly then.

  3. I always treasure things that I have, including our friendship. :)

    The profit goes to the person who owns the franchise or the first batch of owners.

    What is the difference between the "teh o" in normal coffee shop and Ya Kun? Ya Kun is charging me S$1.10 (If I remember correctly). With S$0.10 more I can have pearl plus a huge cup of milk tea. That is why "Sweet Talk" is always my choice. :)