Monday, May 28, 2007

캐리비안의 해적

Entrance to the Carribean Pirates river cruise at Hangang Park

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is now showing in Singapore cinema. Movie review summarises it as one movie that is full of eye-candy special effects but with a plot that is difficult to comprehend. Frankly, I have not watched any of these Caribbean Pirates movies. From reading one of the movie synopsis, I came to know that the pirates in the movie would take their fight to Singapore waters. It is interesting to know that Singapore is made out to be an exotic place in the movie and which is supposedly found at the end of the world. I gather that the inclusion of Singapore in the movie plot has something to do with the frequent report of pirate attacks in the Malacca Straits, a heavily-used sea channel which is near to Singapore.

Talking about the movie, it reminds me of the Caribbean Pirates river cruise at Hangang Park at Yeouido. The river cruise can be taken at the Hangangland inside the park. We were there at the park on March 13, Tuesday evening, one day before the White Day. The park was quite deserted. The Caribbean Pirates river cruise was berthed alongside Hangangland waiting for nightfall when tourists were expected to arrive for the night cruise down the Han River. There were many ajummas selling roses at the park that evening. In fact, there were more ajummas selling roses than the number of couples in the park. By the time we left the park at about 8pm, it still seemed deserted. Perhaps couples only arrived later in the night and those ajummas were waiting to sell their roses to them.

The floating recreation house, Hangangland, at Hangang Park, Yeuido.


  1. Hi! I am a British born Chinese from Northern Ireland and I really enjoy reading your blog! I am trying to learn Korean but I haven't been too successful hehe - glad that you're enjoying yourself in Korea, one day I would like to travel there as well. The photos you take are really great as they help us learn more about everyday life in Korea. 화이팅!

    Original timestamp: May 29, 2007 2:34 AM

  2. Hello, I am a Chinese Singaporean. Nice to know that you have enjoyed reading my blog :)
    I hope you will find it interesting learning Korean like I do.
    If you have the time and money do visit Korea and see the country for yourself.
    Just curious, why do you learn Korean? Is Korean drama popular in Northern Ireland as well?

    Original timestamp: May 29, 2007 11:22 PM

  3. Haha no, Korean entertainment is virtually non-existent in Northern Ireland. However I must admit that the first contact I had Korean culture was by accidentally downloading the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon. But from there on I have been fascinated with Korea: from Korean Nationalism, to Dokdo, to Kimchi!, to North Korea etc.... Hmmm I have been to Hong-Kong many times before but it seems like Korean life is very different. Plus I love the Korean language, although it is very difficult....Hehehe, how long have you been living in Korea? Are you planning to work there one day?

    Original timestamp: May 30, 2007 6:36 PM

  4. I have not watched "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" but I know it is a popular Korean drama. You will definitely feel more of the "Korean Wave" if you are living in Hong Kong.

    Since you are interested in Korean language, you should try to attend one of the short-term Korean language courses in a Korean university. Normally, a short-term course lasts for 10 weeks or a semester. Some universities offer 3 weeks intensive language course. Nothing beat learning Korean in Korea.

    My longest stay in Korea is only 24 days but I have been to Korea for 5 times. I have no plan to work there but I do really wish to study Korean language there.

    Original timestamp: May 31, 2007 4:42 PM