Sunday, May 20, 2007

선생님 되고 싶어

Our Korean language teacher's protege and her most successful Singaporean student so far, Ms Ong Wann, is at Kyunghee University pursuing her Masters in teaching Korean as a foreign language. Her study was made possible by the Asian Cultural Partnership Initiative (ACPI) of the International Korean Language Foundation. Some time back, she made an appearance in the "Hand In Hand" programme of the Arirang TV channel. You can see her in the video below giving her first lesson in Korea to a class of Chinese students.

Our teacher has trust in her to be a good Korean teacher and before she left for her study our teacher sent out an e-mail to her students. Below is an adaptation of what she wrote.

I wish to tell you that teacher Wann will be leaving for her Masters in Korean Language soon. I hope this will inspire you to study hard. It is a tearful moment for me because many memories are flashing through my mind now. I taught her since level 1 and now she is my colleague. When I first broached the idea of using a local to teach Korean to the management I was prepared to take all responsibility. I am appreciative that the management put their trust in me. Sometimes, I feel sad that some local students do not think she is as good as the native teachers. I believe that Singaporean can teach equally well. I have no discrimination. Trust your own people to do well and my support is always there for you.

It was heart-warming to know that Wann Seon Saeng Nim has a great teacher and colleague always by her side. I hope she can do our teacher proud.

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