Friday, May 18, 2007


I used to have problem differentiating between "왼쪽" and "오른쪽". Simple words like left and right can be rather confusing to a beginner. For quite a long time I didn't quite manage to sort out if "left" is "왼쪽" or "오른쪽". Sometimes, I can remember that "왼쪽" is left but sometimes I just cannot decide which is which. Finally, one day I found a 100% idiot-proof method of recalling "left" and "right" in Korean. "왼쪽" is definitely "left" because "왼쪽" have one character less than "오른쪽" just like "left" is one alphabet less than "right".

Following the success of getting my direction always right I also develop a way to memorise the "ㄹ" irregular verb. As a rule, the "ㄹ" in any "ㄹ" irregular verb will be dropped if it meets with "ㄴ", "ㅂ" and "ㅅ". Since "ㄹ", "ㄴ", "ㅂ" and "ㅅ" can be represented by the alphabets "L", "N", "B" and "S" respectively, I have thought of a sentence to remember the rule. It goes like that. "There is no Lazy people in the NUS Business School". Since NBS won't take in lazy people, so there won't be "ㄹ"(L) when there are "ㄴ"(N), "ㅂ"(B) or "ㅅ"(S). Example of "ㄹ" irregular verb is "알다". "알다" will drop its "ㄹ" in "아는", "압니다" and "아셨어요".

본관은 가고 싶은데 이쪽으로 가면 돼요.


  1. Wow~ quite interesting blog....
    This is james. I've just come by to your blog by luck. Actually I'm a Korean and also a student who's studying an English in NZ.
    So, your blog reminds me my country and culture.

    Someday, I hope you would visit my blog as well. You are the most enthusiasic person who is studying a Korean that I've ever seen.

    P.S - For more correct typing, we usually write down as '왼쪽' not '웬쪽'. However, the pronunciation is almost same so in conversation, it may doesn't matter.

    And also my English is not very good, so if you find some mistake in my English, just give me the advices. Cheers~!!!

    This is my blow

  2. What's the problem with me?
    I was probably thinking about "웬일이세요?" when I wrote 왼 as 웬. ㅋㅋㅋ

    Thanks Sang-Hyuck Im Sshi for pointing out my mistake. I guess I am so dependent on my e-dictionary these days that when I decided to let it rest yesterday, I just could not spell correctly :)

    Your English is way much much better than my Korean. I am envious that you get to study English in a beautiful country like New Zealand. I wish I can also study Korean in Korea.

    Honestly, it is a bit straining on the eyes to read your blog. The background picture reduces the contrast of the words and I have to sort of hightlight the words before I can read well. Nonetheless, you have an interesting blog :)

  3. so smart lah. I was also having problme remembering these 2 words for the longest time.

    When I was in Seoul, I had to use hand signal to show the direction I wanted to go...ㅎㅎ

  4. Even though I know the difference between 왼쪽" and "오른쪽" I also used hand signals in Seoul. ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. how come i hadn't thought of that simple technique?!!!
    Thanks! I'm sometimes confused which is which too. I used to associate it with syllables and compare with our native words for left and right, but the thing is it's the opposite (left has 3 syllables, right had 2 syllables) and I just have to remind me that the Korean way is the opposite. but sometimes, i get confused whether it's the opposite or not? your technique is much better. i'm sure i won't forget it anymore. thanks!