Thursday, May 17, 2007

스승의 날

Korean Teacher's Day is on May 15. To mark this special day there was supposed to be a celebration in SKS this Tuesday but for some reason it was postponed until today.

This evening we have lesson for the first hour before making our way to the auditorium. It was the first gathering of all the SKS students this semester. There was about a hundred students from eight classes and that made the auditorium looks small and crowded.

The highlight of the celebration was the calligraphy competition. Each class nominated one "calligrapher" to write some thank-you words for the teachers. The SKS's principal was there to judge the best piece of work. The eventual winner of the competition was Elementary 3 class. 축하합니다!

First from right is the winning calligraphy work of Elementary 3 class

After the competition, food and drink was served. It was the first time since returning from Korea that I ate Korean food. There were gimbap, japchae and ddeokbokki. I was told that since two semesters back, SKS started to organise an event every semester. There were previously singing competition and gimbap-making event. I wonder what will be next.

Whatever it may be, I just thought that it would be good if the event can be given more time so that we don't have to rush to end everything within an hour. Then again, I am not too sure whether there will be next semester for me. Currently, there is still uncertainty over whether there will be Advance 2 class next semester. Don't stop please, I want to continue.


  1. I have not celebrated teacher's day for a long long time. Those were the days ... so sweet! :)

    I love my accounts teacher, she inspired me to be an Accountant. :)

  2. Teaching is an honourable profession.
    People should always give teachers their due respect.
    But these days it seems okay for some people to complain to the school management about teacher giving them too much homework and stressing them out.