Thursday, May 31, 2007

극장가다가 영화 안 봐요

Equinox: 노리코 씨 오늘 수업이 끝난 후에 어디에 갈 계획이에요?
[Noriko, where are you planning to go after lesson today?]

Noriko: 극장에 갈 거예요.
[I will be going to the cinema.]

Equinox: 무슨 영화를 보겠어요?
[What movie are you watching?]

Noriko: 아니오. 영화전단을 수집하러 갈 거예요.
[No. I am going to collect movie pamplets.]

Equinox: 그렇군요.
[Oh, I see.]

Inside Seoul Cinema

Noriko was sitting in front of me during our Korean language class in KHU. Together with 2 other Japaneses, we were known as the "Bulgogi" team. There were also the "Bibimbap", "Kimbap" and "Kimchi" team. During one of the break in between lessons, I asked Noriko about her plan for the afternoon. She said she was going to the cinema to collect movie pamplets. Actually I was only expecting her to tell me what movie she was going to watch. As we do not have movie pamplets in Singapore, her answer came as a surprise to me. So on my first visit to cinema in Seoul, I was on a look out for movie pamplets. I collected a few of them as souvenir. The pamplet gives a synopsis of the movie, the director and the cast. They are colourful and beautifully printed. I can now understand why Noriko was so interested in collecting them.

Movie pamplet of the award-winning Korean film "What The Snow Brings".


  1. I rather it do without pamplets in Singapore. If not one movie will have to cost us more than S$12 (20% more than current??) :)

  2. Do you really think that even without movie pamplets, Singapore movie tickets will always be cheaper than Seoul?

    I personally think that with or without pamplets, our movie operators are definitely looking at all sort of reasons to justify their next price raise. It is just a matter of time before the ticket price here is as expensive as Seoul :(