Wednesday, June 09, 2010


On a hot summer afternoon, it is good to be sitting beside a lake. I like this view, for it has sky, mountain, trees, water and their reflections. I wonder does 'coolness' come from a calm heart or from the lake of water.

Sitting under shade is also a good idea. I will give up my room aircon for it. I need to appreciate how fortunate I am to be sitting under the shade when outside is scorched by the blazing summer heat.


  1. Hi,

    I happen to chance upon your blog when I was rearching on Kyun Hee University and read that you went there for your Korean Studies before. I will be going over to IIE as well and I was hoping that you can answer some of my queries.

    I've read that you stayed in their Osvill dorm, and I would like to ask if the location is accessibe. I am still decidiing either to stay in Osvill or Leader Valley. How long will it take to go to Kyung Hee from Osvill? Are there any direct buses?

    I hope that you can help me! Thanks!

  2. Hi Felicia

    Leader Valley is about 5 mins walk away from KHU's back gate.

    Osvill is about 15-20 mins walk away from KHU's main gate. You can take a feeder service in front of Hoegi Station (cost 600won) to the main gate but I don't think it is any much faster; the most 5 mins faster.

    The good thing about living at Osvill is it is very near to Hoegi Metro Station and the room is the largest among the dorms. Of course, it is also the most expensive.

  3. Ya, I read about it. But its also comfortable right? Your pictures in Korea look soo good and its really tempting me! :P now I cant wait to go there. Are you still there? or are you in Singapore now?

  4. The bed in Osvill is not very comfortable and the pillow is a 'failure'. If money is not an issue you may want to check out 'Co-op Residence' beside Osvill. It is something like serviced apartment. Living condition is quite good though the room is smaller than Osvill. Its cosy bed is big enough for 2 persons. Better still, there is no midnight curfew.

    I am long back in Spore.

  5. I'm actually going there alone, do you suggest if I stay in a shared room in Osvill or a single room in Co-op?

  6. There is also single room in Osvill.

    If you think you can cope with others habits, then sharing a room may be a good way to meet new friend.

    If you don't want to take chance, in case you get a roommate from hell, then you can consider single room in Osvill or Co-op.

    Co-op is better in term of living condition and you can share your room with your friend who visits you. Another plus point is you don't have to go back before midnight. In dorm like Osvill, the main door is locked at midnight.

  7. yup, I went to the website you recommended and co-op looked really good! Thanks for your recommendation! Do you have any plans to head there anytime soon?

  8. no, not in the near future.

  9. Hi babe! Do you still have other dorm that look like Osvill or Co-op to recommend? I went to the website that you recommended to fel_z, The e-mail was not working. Hope you can help! =) I hope to get a single room. Going to KHU in june. =) Thanks!

  10. You should try calling co-op directly. Let's hope you get someone who can speak a bit of English to help.

    Anyway, there are many rooms around KHU, which they call 'goshiwon' or 'one-room-tel' or 'office-tel', available for rental. They don't have website. You don't have to make prior reservation. You can shift in with your luggages on the first day after paying the monthly rental upfront.

    It would help if you can read and speak a bit of Korean. If not, it is better to stick to the dorm allocated by KHU and save yourself the hassle of looking around for accommodation on the first day.