Sunday, May 20, 2007

학생 되고 싶어

I was a student again for a brief 3 weeks in March. The responsibility of a student is to study and do homework. Furthermore, I only have to be responsible to myself. I never thought that I actually like studying so much. When I think about it, study stress is nothing when compared to work stress. At work, there are responsibilities of all sort and kind. There are also so many people I have to be responsible to. When everything connect up I just get myself entrapped in a mess of stress.

As a student in Kyunghee University, I have to attend lesson everyday from 9am to 1pm. Afternoon and evening were usually free unless there were culture class or field trip. Having just four hours of lesson per day is a luxury that I don't get to enjoy when I was a Science undergraduate in the National University of Singapore. As a Science student I needed to stay in the laboratory for long hours and that effectively took up all the free time after lesson. I used to be envious of those Arts and Social Sciences students who got to enjoy so much free time.

Nevertheless, I finally to got to enjoy all the free time that I have wanted in the short 3 weeks in Kyunghee. The free time was used to travel around Seoul but even then there was still enough free time to do homework. Actually, our teachers didn't really load us with too much homework. In fact, there was only one time during the course that I had to stay up late to complete my homework. I remembered doing my homework in the recreation hall at the basement of my dormitory. The rear projection TV in front of me was switched to The KBS Drama channel. As I was doing my homework, I was also watching the re-run of the drama "The Snow Queen" (눈의 여왕-雪之女王). All I could recall about the drama was that it has a nice OST.

"첫눈애" (初雪爱) or "Love at First Snow" sang by Gang Seong Min (강성민-姜成民) is the OST for "The Snow Queen". In the music video, I especially like those snow scenes which were filmed in New Zealand. In the drama, Hyun Bin was supposed to be travelling to Lapland, a place described in the Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale (of the same name) as the home of the Snow Queen. The drama is supposed to be a tear-jerker with a regretful ending. If warm tears can melt the "ice" in us why not let them flow. Just like in the fairy tale where Gerda's warm tears melted Kay's heart and releasing the troll-mirror splinter in it.

It seems that I may have detoured too much to talk about Korean drama but that was also a part of my student's life. A carefree life that affords me free time to travel around Seoul, do homework and watch Korean drama. I want to be a student again!

Hyun Bin in Lapland, the home of the Snow Queen.

"첫눈애"(初雪爱) or "Love at First Snow" sang by Gang Seong Min

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