Saturday, May 26, 2007

공연에 갑시다

This poster trail seemed to be leading me to the performance venue. The posters didn't need to draw my attention but my attention was drawn to them as I was walking a slope in Sogang University. It was only natural for me to bend forward and look down while walking up the slope. Not seeing the publicity posters didn't seem to be much of an option. I thought it was quite brilliant for the students to think of such publicity idea.

I used to organise and participate in performances. The preparation works could be tedious and "back-breaking". Rehearsals were also both physically and mentally tiring at times. Then there was this constant worry about whether anybody would bother to come. And when all tickets were sold out, there would be worry about whether we could put up a good performance.

When the last applause faded away and the curtain drawn down, the awesome feeling of fulfilling a dream which came after that was simply unforgettable. To be able to dream and fulfill dream is most gratifying. So what kind of dream are you dreaming now? (당신은 지금 어떤 꿈을 꾸고 있나요?)

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