Sunday, May 13, 2007


After 2-week of break I think I better get back to do some blogging or I may probably get used to not blogging anymore. ㅋㅋ... I have to take a break not because I am tired of blogging but the work and stress were overwhelming over the last two weeks. I know that some of you may think that I am going to take a long break or perhaps stop blogging completely. Don't worry, that is not my intention, at least for now. Work has been snowballing since I took my 3 weeks leave to study in Korea. I just managed to neutralise one big "snowball" this week but there are a few more developing. I believe I can manage them but I have to rush against time to neutralise each "snowball" before they become huge enough to cause damage.

This sign is a good reminder to slow down our pace of life. [Hoegi station]

As much as I am busy, I still enforce some time to attend Korean lessons and do my homework every week. I am not trying to win a model student award or something here but learning Korean do really give me joy. It also helps to divert my attention away from my work stress. I am starting to like my lesson in Singapore Korean School. I am interacting with my teacher more these days as we get to know each other better. This coming Tuesday, May 15, is Teacher's Day in Korea. Happy Teacher's Day to all my Korean language teachers.


  1. I'm glad to see your come-back.
    I'm Korean in US,and miss Korea alot.
    IMO, Your pics are much better than the real.^^ You really have a talent for shooting.
    BTW, welcome back and plz,keep posting.
    Thank you.
    P.S)May i ask your camera model since i'm interested in buying a camera?

  2. Hello, anony. I wish I can address you by a certain name. Anyway, thanks for your comment. Though I am not a Korean, I also miss Korea :)

    My pictures cannot be better than real. Perhaps you have never see Korea the way I, as a foreigner, see it.

    I would not recommend my camera because it is quite an out-dated model. It is a 2 years old camera with only 4 megapixels resolution. Get any camera you like. Beauty lies in your eyes and not the camera ^^

  3. Hello again.
    My name is SHIN.
    You might be correct since you've been many places where i've never been though i lived there for years and didn't pay attention much.

    Sorry, i don't have my Homepage or blog, so nothing to show you except my name.

    BTW, Thank for the answer and hope you to visit Korea again and enjoy yourself alot because it also gives me joy too.
    Bye Bye