Sunday, February 25, 2007

사랑이 몰 까?

"What is love?"
The film crew of "Alone in Love" (연애시대-戀愛時代) was asked this question in a special segment at the ending of the Korean drama. Of course, different people have different interpretation about love but the most popular answer is love is trust. Somehow I quite like the answer by the director - "I don't know". For a person who directed "Alone in Love", it can't be possible that he doesn't know anything about love. It is probably that any spoken answer will not suitably describe something that is best felt. 사랑이 몰 까? 저도 모르겠어^^

So I have finally completed watching one Korea drama. However while watching it, I have forgotten the number of times that I have fallen asleep before the disc has finished playing. Not that the drama is uninteresting, it is because I make watching drama the last thing of the day. Still I am not about to start watching another Korean drama anytime soon. It is not really something that I enjoy doing. 마지막으로 연애시대 어때? 나는 마음에 너무 들어요.


  1. Ha so funny. Fell asleep while watching "Alone In Love"....ya lor......dramas are too long, actually. That's why nowadays I prefer watching K-movies.

    What is love?

    Love is when we feel.

  2. Can't help it. Feel so tired at the end of the day. Moreover, the soothing soundtrack has such a calming effect on me that I fell asleep easily :)