Wednesday, February 07, 2007

가기 전 준비


  1. equinox,

    Let me tell you..., Bring me along! lol

    pinkhippo :)

  2. Is the course at Kyounghee Uni. like an intensive course for a short time? How many classes do you have a day? I guess 4 hours a day during the weekdays?

  3. 와.....Happy studying!

    If you meet Sung Si Kyung, give him my phone number....

  4. You come and I leave. :)
    I am leaving Korea February 27th.
    Singapore seems quite close to Korea, but it is as far as Australia.

  5. You need to bring or buy some masks.
    Yellow dust season is approaching very soon. According to the weather forecast, this year's yellow dust will be the worst.

  6. 좋은 경험이 있을 거예요. 열심히 열심하 공부하세요.^^

  7. hey there,
    yupz. 반갑숩니다! 저는 선생님이 배형경씨 에요. :) same as u la.. haha. ohh, u know Aini too? i visit her blog sometimes as well. hehe. :P

    bring an ipod along! :) btw, just wanted to tell u that yr pictures are lovely!! i'm interested in photography too.. haha. but somehow my pictures don't seem to have that 'artistic' flair to it. :(

    저는 내년 한국에 도 가고 싶어요. 하하.

  8. Pinkhippo, sure why not but provided my luggage can take you :) Just kidding, don't take it seriously.

    Song, I think you are right. Four hours of lesson in the morning. Afternoon will be time for field trips and cultural programs.

    Aini, I will definitely relay the message to him. It is my honour to be able to deliver a message for the unofficial president of the ASEAN SSK Fan Club :)

    Sue, you are leaving Korea for Australia? Where are you going to reside in Australia? I believe you will be making a transit stop at Singapore before going to Australia. Singapore is nearer to Korea than Australia. It is a four-hour trip from Singapore to the west coast of Australia. However, it will take 8 hours to fly directly from Singapore to east coast. Anyway thanks for your helpful advice. Definitely need to prepare for it. I met with yellow dust last year in Seoul. I hope I will not be so unlucky again.

    Spicebears, I will definitely study hard. Not even yellow dust can stop it ^^

    Jean, so you are our 후배(junior) and we are your 선배 (senior)^^.
    I think I know who is Aini. The blogger of Solely Seoul, isn't it? ㅋㅋ. Photography is not exactly my interest. I just take pictures for memory sake. I saw the photos you have taken. If you want some "artistic flair" in them, avoid placing the subject in the centre. Place the subject about 1/3 from the side of the photo :)

  9. When I went to Brisbane last time (east coast), I stopped over at Singapore for 2 hours and I decided not to do it again. :) We were so exhausted and tired. Because the total amount of time we were awake was over 23 hours (including some snoozing). So this time we are flying straight to Australia.

  10. Good decision to fly direct which should take only 10 hours. Save all the agony of long transit time.