Monday, February 19, 2007

한국 축하 축아

Song provided me with a link to a Korean blog after I wrote my Valentine's Day posting. The blog listed all the special days in Korea that fall on the 14th day of each month. All are well except the blog is written in Korean. I was thinking of translating the blog but ditched the thought eventually. After all my Korean language standard is not good enough to translate with ease. So I decided to search the web and found a few sites that wrote about those special days of Korea.

TVNZ One News
KBS Global

After reading the sites and comparing with the Korean text in the "original" Korean blog, I was quite confused because different sites have different names for some of the months. Anyway I decide to use the version written in a blog from Naver for this posting.

January 14 - Diary Day
Couples exchange diaries to start the new year, with important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries written in.

February 14 - Valentine's Day
The day when girls and women present their boyfriends with chocolate and confess their love.

March 14 - White Day
The day when boys and men present their girlfriends with chocolate and confess their love.

April 14 - Black Day
The day when people who have no lovers eat JJajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce) together.

May 14 - Yellow Day (Singles) / Rose Day (couples)
Yellow Day is the day when those who were unable to eat black noodles on Black Day go to eat yellow curry rice. Rose Day is the day when lovers present each other with roses to express their love.

June 14 - Red Day (Singles) / Kiss Day (couples)
Red Day is the day for singles to eat Ddeokbokkgi with the hope of finding their love at the Ddeokbokkgi stall. Kiss Day is the day when lovers kiss to confirm their love.

July 14 - Blue Day (Singles)/Silver Day (couples)
Blue Day is the day for singles to mull over their plight. Nothing best describe than the colour blue. Silver Day is the day when lovers exchange silver rings to make a promise for the future.

August 14 - Green Day
The day when couples are supposed to dress in green and walk in the woods. For the singles, Aug 14 is a day to drink a particular brand of Korea soju called "green soju".

September 14 - Music Day/Photo Day
Music Day is the day of presenting a CD with love songs. Photo Day is the day when lovers take pictures to keep memories of their love.

October 14 - Wine Day
The day when lovers drink wine and share love.

November 14 - Movie Day
The day when lovers go to see a movie holding hands.

December 14 - Hug Day
The day of giving hugs to your loved ones.

According to NZTV One News, there are about 21 special days in Korea which lovers can celebrate. So besides the 12 days of special days which fall on the 14th day of each month, Korean lovers celebrate the 100th, 200th and 300th day mark of their relationship. Then there is also the one year anniversary and both birthdays. Lovers also celebrate Christmas Eve, Pepero Day (November 11) and the "First Snow" (첫눈) - Lovers are supposed to mark the first snow of the winter season with a romantic date.


  1. I didn't know that Korean is such a romantic race, but will it unromantic of me if I say I definitely couldn't remember any of those dates except for the 14th Feb.^^

  2. To yesmaru: I don't think that Korean are that much romantic, and actually I'm the same like you: I would never remember all those days except for the 14th Feb.



  3. I agree. I don't think Koreans are necessarily romantic! Most of those days are made for commercial purpose.
    It is lunatic.

  4. It's crazy isn't it? Love can become a burden when there are so many days in a year to remember and celebrate. At the end it seems that the Korean businesses are the most romantic :)