Saturday, February 24, 2007


Three months after coming back from one week vacation in Shanghai, I am about to pack my bag again for a 3 week language course in Korea. As I look through the photographs taken in Shanghai, I kinda of realise that I have yet to write on the People's Square (人民廣場).

[Left] The Shanghai Art Museum. [Right] Glimpses of the People's Park.

I wonder why it did not cross my mind to write about this places of interest in Shanghai. I walked passed the place daily to get to the People's Square Subway Station. I shopped frequently at its underground mall, D-Mall & Hong Kong Shopping Plaza (迪美购物中心) where things are so much cheaper than Singapore. It is also a focal point of Shanghai where arts and people meet. Within its compound are the Shanghai Art Museum, the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Museum. I guess when one is exposed to a common stimulus too frequently, the senses just get immune regardless of how special it may seem in the beginning.

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