Sunday, February 25, 2007

한국말 과정

NUS Extension students are normally seen attending Korean language courses in Sogang University or Kyung Hee University. Sogang University only offers 10-week course while Kyung Hee University offers both 3-week and 10-week language courses. Previously, there was one-week immersion programme to Sogang or Kyung Hee organised by NUS Extension but it has since been discontinued. Singapore Management University students, on the other hand, will be seen attending a 4-month exchange programme in Yonsei University. While individual can apply directly with the universities in Korea, it is always good to go through the local institutions as there are discount given. There are some blogs by NEX students out there that recorded their experiences of studying in Korea. I have compiled them in chronological order below.

"1 week in Sogang!" by SSChan. The blog covers the first 1-week immersion programme in Sogang University in September 2005. I was told that the theme for this programme was Korean food and students were taught to make Japchae (a Korean dish) during class.

I have written in my blog about the 1-week immersion programme in KHU in March 2006. The theme for this programme was Korean drama or something like that. That was why we were arranged to visit MBC and Nami Island (filming site of Winter Sonata).

When the 3-week Korean language course at KHU was opened to NEX students, Spicebears and Aini were among the first to apply for the course in August 2006. Learn about Spicebears's experience at "Simply Korean".

Aini first venture into the blogosphere started during her course in KHU. Since then, the blogger has never looked back. Read about Aini's experience at "Solely Seoul".


  1. hahaa. i myself am planning to go to yonsei next year too. :)

  2. Then you should go during the autumn to winter period so that you can see autumn in full bloom and witness the first snow. There is also this annual Yonsei and Korea university competition which is a lot of fun :)

  3. haha.. yupz. i know. cause my friend went last year during autumn. nah, i'm planning to go during my final sem of uni. will have an 'extended' grad trip.. hehe. so i'll be there during end winter/spring. :)

  4. Hi,

    Im currently an NUS extension student and i've signed up for the august immersion prog at kyunghee uni. Im travelling alone and was wondering whether is it safe to do so as i'm a girl. Did you manage to make friends there? and what do you usually do after class?

  5. Hi Josie, it is generally safe to travel in Seoul. However, do be prepared to be approached by Korean guys as they are quite open about their feeling for the opposite sex. Also, there are some "strange uncles" around who don't seem to know how to keep their pants up. They are harmless though.

    It is quite easy to make friends if one of your interest is shopping. One trick is to ask your classmates what are their plan for the afternoon and then request to join them. It is more likely that they will welcome your company with both hands.

    There are a lot of things to do after class. If you like shopping you have a choice of Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Sinchon, Hongdae, Ewha-dae, Apgujeong or Daehangno. Or you can visit palaces, go up Namsan Tower, sit by the Han River at Yeouido, walk along the scenic Cheonggye stream or have fun at Lotte World. If you like quiet places, you can visit the Seoul Grand Park or Seoul Olympics Park. You can also watch movie in Jongno, laze around in Jjimjilbang (Sauna house), sing your heart out at Noraebang or visit mega bookstores like Kyobo, Young Poong or Bandi & Luni. My list can go on and on....

    It is so easy to kill time in Seoul and before you even known it, you will probably be on your way home ^^

  6. Hi equinox,

    thanks for the reply. I was wondering, did you travel to korea there by yourself? When you arrived in seoul,how did you make your way down to the school? did you arrive there a few days earlier?
    How were classes like? Did they have a buddy system? and another thing which dormitory did you stay at? Apparently the dormitory they recommended me is outside the university.It's called leader and tree valley.Have you heard of it?
    Hope to hear from you soon. I'm excited and at the same time scared about travelling alone. *yikes*

  7. I went there with my friends.

    To go to Kyunghee, take airport limousine bus 602 to Cheongnyangni Station. The bus ride takes about 1.5hrs. From Cheongnyangni, take a taxi to school.

    Yes, I arrived earlier on Friday before school starts on Monday.

    Class is interesting with many activities and presentations.

    Yes, there is a buddy system. You would be introduced to your "dowoomi" during your first day of school.

    I stayed in Osvill but I have not heard of "leader and tree valley". It is probably located outside the back gate of Kyunghee. If that is so, be prepared to climb hill everyday.

  8. Hi equinox,

    Thanks for your reply! it's really helpful.I've booked my tickets and will be travelling there to join the 3 weeks summer course in Aug.
    Apparently the dormitories inside the university are not open during that period. Hence, the person in charge Mr Park (have you heard of him?) suggested one of the outside campuses. Looks like I'll be climbing hills! Is the journey from the airport to the dormitory safe and are taxis safe to take alone?
    When you and your friends checked into the dormitory, was your names already on the list and did you stay extra days before flying back? Did you correspond with the school through email or did you call them?

    Sorry to be asking so many questions, hope you can help me out! Thanks=)

  9. Airport limousine bus is very safe. Taxi should be safe as well since they are regulated. Anyway, the taxi ride from Cheongnyangni to school is only about 5 mins.

    The dormitory should have a record of your name. If you know where your dorm is, you can check in first before going to IIE's admin office to pay your rent. If not, go to IIE first and then ask for direction.

    You can request to stay extra days but it is subjected to room availability. Back then, we have no problem staying an extra few days.

    I correspond with the school thru email.

  10. Hi equinox,

    It seems the dormitory person in charge has not contacted me about extending my stay. How long did it take for them to reply you back through email?

    What time did you arrive in Seoul that time? Cause it seems that someone told me at around 8am the Cheongnyangni station would be crowded with working people and it would be hard to get a taxi. Is that true? Do I need to inform the bus driver when I'm alighting or will he stop at every stop? are taxi stands easy to spot?

  11. I can't remember how long it takes for reply to come. It probably came like 1 to 2 weeks before my departure date.

    I arrived Cheongnyangni at about 11am as my flight was delayed for 2 hours.

    The bus won't stop unless people press the bell. A bus stop's name is broadcasted way ahead so people know when to press the bell. Anyway, Cheongnyangni is the last stop for Bus 602. The bus driver will chase you down even if you forget.

    I don't know how hard is hard but taxis are everywhere. Again, I don't know how easy is easy but you probably can tell which are taxis which are not.