Sunday, February 11, 2007

스파게티를 먹고 싶어

It was half past eleven and I was looking for a place in the vicinity of Myeongdong to have my lunch. Pizzamore, an Italian restaurant, caught my eye. By the time I was seated comfortably on the second floor of the restaurant, the lunchtime crowd had yet to trickle in. I ordered a plate of pasta and a cup of warm lemon tea. The decor and atmosphere in the restaurant were great. I had a quiet lunch. The cup of lemon tea tasted so refreshing.


  1. hey hey equinox. :) i like yr 2nd photo. hehe. anw, which one is Ong Wann in yr 1st class photo?

    after level 6, can u understand a majority of what's being said in korean dramas?

    thx for the tips u gave. btw, mind if i link you on my blog?? :)

  2. Did you have lunch alone? You are brave! :)
    When I was a senior at Uni, I was having a lunch alone at the school cafeteria and I over heard some juniors saying "I hope I don't end up like that when I am a senior"
    Haha *bitter laughing*
    (Most Korean girls would skip lunch if they don't have someone to eat with.)

  3. Hi Jean, teacher Ong Wann is not the in the photo. She was the photographer. After level 6 I can only understand simple words like 뭐, 가, 진짜, 먹어. The truth is that I cannot understand most of the dialogue in the Korean drama. And Of course you can link my blog.

    Hi Sue, it is interesting to know that there is a social stigma that prevents Korean girls from eating alone. Probably shouldn't have skip lunch at all. Buy a bread or something to eat while walking to class can still keep the stomach full.