Wednesday, February 28, 2007

내일 가는날

Almost three months have passed since I decided to go to Korea to study Korean language. Well, I am just one day away now. My mind is ready. My luggage is about to get ready. The weather forecast says that it will rain in Seoul on Sunday. Temperature may drop to sub-zero starting next Monday and there is perhaps some chance of snowing next week. Will be going to Jisan Ski Resort this Saturday before course starts on Monday. Hope the weather will be fine. Bought a LG brand 12.1" screen notebook for the trip. Not that I am Korea-mad, the notebook is actually quite good value for money. Have not revised for the placement test on Friday. Will try to browse through my textbooks tonight before sleep. Kim Seon Saeng Nim, who just return to Seoul from Singapore, says she may take us for the 3-week course. How fortunate. Looking forward to learn Korean and meet new friends in Kyunghee. Seoul nice.


  1. Equinox,

    Have a safe, fruitful plus wonderful trip!