Friday, February 09, 2007

해피 발렌타인 데이

A rose picture taken in a nursery in Cameron Highlands (West Malaysia) plus some photo editing using Photoshop and this is my Valentine's Day greeting ^^

Valentine's Day always creates mixed feeling among people. I think Kim Yeon Woo (김연우) may have just the right love songs for the two groups of people.

For those who are in love, going to love or love in progress, "Lover" (연인) may be the right song to listen to. The music video is quite heart-warming in that it has real-life lovers as its cast. Listening to their awkward but sweet words of affection for each other just touches me.

For those who are out of love, going to lose their love or recovering from love lost, 사랑한다는 흔한 말 (I think it means love is a common language) - OST of the Korean movie "Lost in Love" (사랑을 놓치다) may be a suitable song to soothe those heartache and pain. Sometimes love can be just like fine sand that slips easily through one's fingers.

Whichever the case, Kim Yeon Woo's emotive vocal is just so suitable for belting out sentimental ballads.


  1. equinox,

    Happy Valentine'Day to you too!