Sunday, February 18, 2007

경희대 수료증

I recovered this course completion certificate recently while doing my spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year. It was almost a year since I completed my one-week Korean language programme at Kyunghee University. We were probably the first and the last group of students, from NUS Extension, to attend the programme at the university. There has not been a similar programme ever since. My teacher used to tell us that she was not making much from organising such immersion programme. What she wanted was to provide an opportunity for local students to experience studying and living in Korea. Unfortunately, immersion programme has since been stopped. I was fortunate to be in time to catch the last train before it departed. Since then, I have been reminiscing every moment that I have spent at Kyunghee. That's why I am going back again after one year and that will happen in less than two weeks time. For that, I will probably get another similar certificate like this but I know the memory will be of a different kind.

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