Sunday, April 17, 2011


Cafes are everywhere in Seoul. You can even find them on top of a bridge. Dongjak Bridge (동작대교, 銅雀大橋) has two cafes where you can have a cuppa while enjoying view of clouds or sunset. The two cafes, Cloud Cafe and Sunset Cafe, are separated by an expressway and subway track. To get there, take subway line 4 and alight at Dongjak Station and then exit by Exit 1.

The two cafes, which are mirror images of one another, are 'perched' 8-storey high above Hangang park, on both sides of the bridge. The cafes are served by elevator. Level 1 is park level, 2 is bridge level and 3 is cafe level.

Dongjak Bridge (동작대교, 銅雀大橋)

Remaining of the evening glow slowly fading into darkness

Darkness finally descended at Hangang

Sunset Cafe (노을 카페)

Cloud Cafe on the opposite side of expressway

Cloud Cafe (구름 카페)


  1. 와. 이렇게 아름다운 데를 알았음 갔을 텐데...
    내년에 꼭 가야지~ ^^