Thursday, July 10, 2008


Picture taken at The Book House, Hyeri Art Vally, Paju-si, Gyongi-do.

I discover that Koreans seldom use compact camera to take pictures. For them, it is mostly either phone camera or SLR camera. I may probably be correct if I guess that people who pull out a compact camera in Seoul are foreigners. Perhaps, I am too quick to jump to conclusion but I don't seem to have memory of Koreans taking pictures with compact camera.


  1. 나는 한국에 아직 안 가서 저기의 상황을 몰라요. 하지만 외국에 있을때 많은 디지털 카메라를 쓰기는 한국 관광객을 봤어요.

  2. 글쎄요. 어쩌면 그것은 사실일지도 몰아요.