Tuesday, May 12, 2009

뮤지컬 나이트

Much earlier last week before the 'Hope and Dream Concert' started at the Children's Grand Park, I was at Seoul Plaza for the daily Hi Seoul Festival concert. On May 3 (Sunday) it was rock concert and that was followed by musical concert on Monday and pop concert on Tuesday.

Between the two, I prefer the 'Hope and Dream Concert' because first of all the open-air amphitheatre is a nicer environment to enjoy a concert. Second, different from the Hi Seoul Festival concert, 'Hope and Dream Concert' is targeted at locals, so I got to watch performances which are more intimate to the life of Koreans.

I took a lot of pictures at the Hi Seoul Festival concerts but I will only upload those on musical because they are more glamorous. After looking through the pictures I have taken, I can only conclude that Seoul is indeed culturally vibrant. This has a lot to do with the 'Culturenomics' policy which the Seoul Metropolitan Government is actively driving. Culturenomics is interpreted as culture-based generation of high-added value that will ultimately enhance the competitiveness of Seoul city.

After watching so much concerts, there was one thing that left a deep impression in me. On the last day and the last performance of the 'Hope and Dream Concert', I saw the audience crowding around the Samulnori performers, clapping and dancing to the drum beats and enjoying themselves. I was touched by this scene of culture mixing with common life.




형제는 용감했다


Dream Girls

Mamma mia


  1. i was surprised cos I thought u watch all the musicals one by one ㅋㅋ

    근데 이런 걸 얼마나 보고싶으지 몰라 ㅠㅠ

    i think the dreamgirls in on the theater now, and i heard there's gonna be phantomOfTheOpera this year *wow* BUT all of them will be in korean ㅋㅋ (which will be a bit probs for me ^^)

    혹시 서울에서 (잠실에서 있는 theather) 무지컬 본적이 있어?

    original time stamp: 14 May 2009 11:20

  2. 뮤지컬을 그렇게 좋아하는구나.
    나도 좋아해. 한국어로 해도 재미있을 텐데.
    Charlotte Theater에 가 본적이 없지만 가고 싶어.

    original time stamp: 15 May 2009 07:29