Sunday, May 10, 2009


This flower is known as 철쭉 in Korea. In English, it may be called Royal Azalea, Smile Rosebay or Rhododendron. In Chinese, it is 杜鹃花. Pretty as it may be, the flower is poisonous.

Our teacher told us a story about Royal Azalea. Not too long ago, she was at her friend's house when she saw a pot of Royal Azalea in her friend's garden blooming very well. However, she recalled it didn't bloom that well last year. So she asked her friend what she did to make it bloom well. Her friend told her that all she did was to put that pot of flower outside during winter. By Spring, it would naturally bloom very well. Last year, the pot was kept indoor during winter, so it didn't bloom well.

Royal Azalea is an outdoor plant. It is meant to take the harshness of winter before blooming in full glory during spring. If by being kind, we take it indoor, the flower will lost its ability to bloom. And it is not just Royal Azalea but all spring flowers will need to take the harshness of winter to bloom well during spring.

I first arrived here last winter and in less than 30 days time, I am going to achieve what I would have dismissed as something impossible 4 years ago. Thing could have come much easier but I doubt I will treasure any of it. I am glad I am not born with a silver spoon and so I have to earn my opportunity. It may have taken a much longer time compared to those who have the means but I am still proud of myself for accomplishing my dream through my own means.

Spring 2009 may be beautiful but Winter 2008 will be the period that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life. The coldness might at times be unbearable but there were also times which were memorable. That morning when it snowed last winter, I received a message from my friend: 굿모닝^^눈이왔어~~. When it snows, winter becomes lovable.


  1. Accomplishing your dreams through your own means makes it even more precious and memorable (: