Sunday, May 24, 2009

냉면 이야기

I am too used to the thought that only hot food is delicious and so naturally cold noodle is not something which I think is delicious. When it comes to selecting food to eat, cold noodle has never been one of my consideration. I know I am carrying a biased thought. How can I have concluded that cold noodle is not delicious without first even trying it? So in the end, I still decided to give it a try.

It started when our teacher (who can be quite picky) recommended us a cold noodle shop in the vicinity of our campus. Then one of our classmates tried and came back raving about how good it was... blah blah blah. There is psychology of consumer at play here. First, our teacher acted like a credible spokesperson for cold noodle. When I didn't fall for that, our classmate's second opinion just nailed it.

The cold noodle (물냉면), which I ordered, looks presentable. The buckwheat noodle came as a ball with slices of cucumber and radish floating above the clear soup base. Crushed ice was added to make the soup cold. The soup has a sweet sour taste and the noodle is quite chewy. My verdict: it is edible. I mean I don't dislike eating it and perhaps if I eat it a few more times I may grow to like it. The only hurdle that prevented me from saying that it is good is I am still not used to eating cold food. I guess thing just needs time to change.

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