Monday, May 04, 2009

고양 국제 꽃 박람회

On Sunday, I was at the International Horticulture Exhibition held at Goyang's Lake Park (호수공원, 湖水公園). Goyang (고양, 高陽) is a city to the Northwest of Seoul. To get there, I took the Daehwa-bound Metro Line 3 (Orange Line)and got off at Jeongbalsan Station (two stations from the last). I exited from Exit 2and follow the directional sign to the park. The admission ticket costs 9,000won. This is how would simply describe my trip - 날씨가 덥고 사람이 많고 꽃이 예쁘고요.

There are 3 main exhibition halls - 행복관, 기쁨관 and 희망관, 2 outdoor exhibition areas, one market and 2 open-air stages. It was a big area to cover and I spent almost 6 hours there, taking my own sweet time walking round the flowers and taking pictures.

I started my day with a cup of coffee which I bought at Mac along the way. I sat by the lake side and enjoyed the first carefree Sunday morning after mid-term test. It was a warm and sunny day. The seat looks empty because it was still quite early in morning.

행복관 - Hall of Happiness

Time to get up and do something. I was in the queue entering the first hall - 행복관. The queue was actually quite long though it seems like there is not much crowd. This first hall features flowers and plants in lifestyle setting.

An indoor decor featuring a family enjoying themselves in a garden.

Dolls among the plants and flowers make a garden interesting.

The fishes are swimming in Jeju volcanic rock. With small plants growing around the rock, the whole thing looks like a shrunken garden.

Another mini garden created out of an odd-looking Jeju volcanic rock. With some imagination and creativity, even rock can be sold for a handsome profit.

Who says plants must be grown upright?

It is plant, light and decor all in one. It looks so nice that it looks impractical.

How about growing grass indoor? *faint*

A sheet of tree bark, a piece of charcoal plus a baby orchid plant and voila you have a flowering plant without the pot and an artpiece. Creation that defies convention is art.

How about small windows that are filled with dried roses?

After seeing so many non-conventional indoor gardening concept this water feature looks so conventional and tamed. Of course, at the same time, it is more practical.

Cactus and lifestyle. It is a good indoor plants for busy people.

Creating a lifestyle out of cactus and it will sell well.

Flower-like cactus looks good as a table decor.

Cactus can also be used as a wall decor.

Colourful cactus but still not as colourful as flowers.

Cactus 'pretending' to be a butterfly.

Cactus 'blooming' like flowers.

Sitting under an umbrella covered in colourful cactus is quite cool.

The picture on the shell is not painted on. It is made with 'pressed flowers'.

A magazine rack that is decorated with pressed flowers.

An elegant-looking chest with its top decorated with pressed flowers.

Pressed flowers can be used on anything. Clocks in front and calendars at the back.

There is even a pressed flower item for house number.

A gallery of pressed flowers art works.

시장 - Open-air Market

Cup painting workshop available in the open-air market after 행복관.

Nice rocks with holes already dug out for cactus.

The rock gives a lot more character to the cactus.

One of the many flower beds.

A flower bed full of white royal azaleas.

Another flower bed of royal azaleas in different hues.

A ball of petunia hanging on a lamp post by the lake side.

기쁨관 - Hall of Joy

It was almost mid-day when I arrived at the entrance of Hall of Joy. By then it was quite hot and the crowd had swelled. The queue moved very slowly and at times it stopped completely. I waited in the queue for about 15-20 minutes before I got in. However, it was worth the wait because among the 3 halls, I thought this is the best hall.

Huge crowd at the entrance of Hall of Joy. I thought of giving this hall a miss because it was so crowded at the entrance. Fortunately I didn't. The flowers that decorate the entrance are genuine flowers.

There was a national belly dancing competition happening at this stage. As there was a lot of area to cover, I didn't have time to sit down and watch any performance.

The view after I got through the crowded entrance.

I was not yet inside the Hall of Joy. There was a need to queue again to get in. But this time, the queue moved much faster. The hall was packed with people and very warm.

The majority of the flowers exhibited in the hall were orchids.

The Dendrobium.

There were also other flowers on display but not many.

A ball of red roses.

Indoor Royal Azaleas.

Look closely, what are these? They are actually the exoskeletons of a particular kind of bug. There are probably ten of thousands of dead bugs pasted on the tiles.

Where there are flowers, there will be butterflies. No free flying butterflies in the hall though. Only dead specimens.

I thought dragonfly rather than butterfly is more appropriate.

This is the orchid garden. I have never seen so many orchids in my life.

After exiting from the Hall of Joy, I arrived at the outdoor flower theme park. This is the most beautiful part of the exhibition. Flowers are still best viewed outdoor under the sun.

These beautiful ball-shape flowers are called Allium.

A dark red rose among the green.

Young grapes hanging down from the support.

It looks like smudges of colour paint.

Flowers look brilliant under sun.

Foam duckie used as a floating flower pot.

Outside of the exhibition area, public was having weekend picnic beside the lake.

A flower bed full of tulips.

Tulips highlighted by sunlight.

Flowers and windmills make the garden looks interesting and cheery.

A new moon-shaped flower pot containing lily. Hot spot for photo-taking.

Tulips and Allium. So colourful.

Inside the rose house. The closest I get to experience a life that is "a bed of roses".

Genuine flowers indoor and outdoor. A dream home for many.

It is almost impossible and impractical to have so many roses inside a house.

Going to a flower exhibition is a good way to be among the roses without the need to burn a hole in the pocket.

Rose, rose...

The flower bed on the side of the pavement after exiting from the rose house.

More tulips.

Flowers in full bloom and showed no sign of withering.

A cellist covered in flowers

The flutist and trumpeter were there as well.

Entering a land of fairy tale. A white castle that was surrounded by a wall of flowers.

An arch made of poker cards was erected in the garden.

The other side of the poker card arch.

A rabbit messenger.

These flowers are like bells hang up in a line.

Welcome to my house garden.

A garden plot with different colour plants.

Water fountain in a garden.

Another water fountain.

A bonsai that has lived past 1,600 years.

Trying to re-create the imaginery world of the Little Prince.

Tulips, tulipes, everywhere...

A closer look at tulips.

One last picture of tulips in a garden bed.

희망관 - Hall of Hope

The hall has exhibitors from other countries displaying their flowers. There were not many foreign exhibitors though. Taiwan orchid growers, in particular, have an overwhelming presence. I didn't spend much time here. Perhaps, I had seen enough of flowers by then.

At the entrance of the Hall of Hope.

A sculpture of opening flower bud decorated with live flowers.

The tangerines look so good that I feel like plucking them from the tree.

These are flowers of Digitalis.

Lavendar looks and smells good.

Entering the Hall of Hope.

Flowers photoed at the various exhibition booths.

Out in the open again after exiting from the hall.

The resting place was packed with people.

Some more flowers before calling it a day.

Met Pooh bear on my way back to Jeongbalsan Station.

I am totally exhausted by now. I shall not ever attempt another post like this anymore. By the way, the exhibition is on until May 10. Catch it before the Spring is over. Actually, it feels like Summer these days. To prove my point, the aircon in the train has already been switched on. I don't really like summer but I shall try to like it for this year.


  1. good attempt but nope. ^^

  2. I am going to KHU this Fall and I googled the place they said I will be staying (오스빌). That led me to your blog. Thanks for the info and the pictures. I was worried that they only have washers but not dryers. I found out from your blog that they do.

    Do you pay for using the internet there in the room? How about wireless internet?

    Thank you. KRK

  3. there is internet in the room and its free but no wireless.

  4. Thank you again. I guess you went back to Korea.

  5. What a feast to the eyes. @@
    It never cease to amaze me how Korean's have such good appreciation for art and nature's beauty. Inspiring ways to decorate. Thx! ^^

  6. @수
    korean culture has a lot of respect for nature.
    in korean art, you can often find the harmony between human and nature.

  7. hmmm...wondering??
    some theme parks in seoul???

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  8. alice's wonderland?

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  9. @tata
    you would have guessed correctly if i just put the flower pictures. i guess the rabbit picture is a bit misleading. anyway, good attempt ^^

    you are quite right. i think the garden's theme is alice in wonderland or something.

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