Friday, May 01, 2009

달빛 무지개

The fountain at Banpo Bridge has started operating since Monday, Apr 27 and is affectionately named the 'Moonlight Rainbow' (달빛 무지개, 月光彩虹).

The evening after completing my mid-term test on Thursday, I was waiting for the moment when I would be mesmerised.

It is a Spring evening and the temperature is a comfortable 18degC. The beautiful night view of Namsan and N Seoul Tower is clearly visible from the 'Moonlight Park' - a park specially built at the Gangnam side of Han River to enhance the viewing pleasure of 'Moonlight Rainbow'.

At about 7:30pm, water started spouting out from the nozzles and from then on my eyes looked nowhere else. The fountain swung like wave as music played in the background. Theresa Teng's serenading voice came over the air first singing her golden hits '月亮代表我的心'. After that, there were 'Over the Rainbow' and 'Moon River', songs that matched the theme of moonlight and rainbow.

The view was stunning and the atmosphere exhilarating.


  1. Hi Equinox, what is the fountain operating time? Most likely I will visit this place while I am in Korea middle of May :)

  2. The Seoul Metropolitan Government website said that 10-min performance will be held at 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm, 7:30 pm, and 8:30 pm.

    However, when I was there, the fountain operated almost throughout from 7:30 to 9 pm.

  3. 와! 이뻐!


  4. This is really beautiful! It made the night so vibrant!

    What is the setting of your DSLR camera when you took all these pictures?

  5. ISO set at 200.
    Diable flashlight.
    The rest is auto.