Thursday, December 24, 2009

지난해 성탄 전야

Here is what I did last Christmas Eve.

I had to attend class as per normal from 9am to 1pm. However, there wasn't much serious learning that day. We spent the first hour going through a bit of homework. The second hour was spent playing "yunnori". The winners of the game got to chose their Christmas gift first from a table of gifts which everyone of us contributed one. My team came in last, so were left to 'fight' among ourselves for some "miserable-looking" gifts. Anyway, it was good fun.

In the 3rd and 4th hour, we had our first presentation of the term. It was not just a plain presentation. We had to get people interested in the Korean culture we were presenting. In other words, we had to promote Korean culture to others. A presenter who was promoting "ddeokbokki" asked, "여러분, 출출할 때 가장 먹고 싶은 간식이 뭐예요?" (What is the snack food you most wanted to eat when you feel slightly hungry?) We were quite co-operative. We responded by shouting out "ddeokbokki" in unison even though we could have other food in mind.

It was a simple but memorable Christmas Eve.

Our teacher-in-charge, Park 쌤, drew this on the board. 귀엽지.

Our first class photo. Everyone was holding to our Christmas gift.

Shin 쌤 came to class all dressed up for Christmas.

Shin 쌤 in her signature "megawatt smile" after receiving her gift.

The 'promoters' for Hanbok.

The 'promoters' for Korean Sauna.

Merry Christmas. If the forecast is right, it is going to be a white Christmas in Seoul ^^


  1. Merry Christmas to you too!! ^^

  2. 호호호... 메리 크리스마스 ^^