Monday, December 14, 2009

산다운 페스티벌3

A 3-member boy band called T-Max (티맥스) took to the stage after the exit of Lee Ji Su. T-Max is better known for singing the title track "Paradise" for the Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers". One of its members, Kim Jun, is also a member of the F4 in the drama. However, he always laments that he is the least known among the four of them. On the other hand, he can be counted as the most famous member of T-Max.

Kim Jun, the more popular face in T-Max. It must have been very hot in that jacket. 너무 덥지 않으세요?

He is Park Yunhwa, a vocalist and the "mangnae" (youngest member) of the group. The thing with "mangnae" is that they tend to be very polite and respectful. As you can see, he likes to smile and wave.

That's right, keep smiling and keep waving. People like it.

The guy to the right is the group leader, Shin Mincheol. In the context of Korea, leader is usually the oldest member of a group.

The rapper, Kim Jun, got all heated up after some vigorous rapping and bouncing around the stage. Tropical heat is no joke. Here you see him after he took off his jacket.

All idols will never forget to show their love for the fans.

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