Monday, December 14, 2009

산다운 페스티벌4

Next in the line up was F.T. Island (에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, a five-member Korean boy band. I shan't write much lest I expose my ignorance of them. Anyway, here are their pictures at the Seoul'd Out Concert.

Can you guess what song he was singing?

He is the lead vocalist, Lee Hongki, also an undergraduate at KHU since Aug this year. 우리 경희인입니다.

He can be quite playful on stage.

Can you see his inflamed right eye? 아프겠다. Tough life as a celebrity. We would have taken our MC and stayed at home.

He is the leader and guitarist, Choi Jonghoon.

The drummer, Choi Minhwan

Rapper, guitarist and vocalist - Song Seunghyun

Bass and vocalist - Lee Jaejin

I hope I have correctly identified all of them. 아니면 큰 일이 될지도 모르겠다. The truth is, I still don't know them quite well.


  1. heh i only know hongki cos of a recent drama (you are beautiful). he's damn cute! and his acting is pretty credible too :D

  2. it seems like you know jeremy more than you know hongki :D

  3. Hehehehe you went!!

    And yes~ You identified all correctly~~~ ^__^

    Thanks for all the photos, equinox-ssi~~

  4. phew~ i can't imagine what will happen to me if i identified them wrongly ㅋㅋ