Thursday, December 03, 2009

시간을 뒤로 돌린다

Below are (almost) all the blog banners which I used since switching this blog template. Behind every banner is a story and I need some time to finish all the stories.

1. New Year Wishes. People wrote their wishes for the year of ox on colourful post-its at the Mt. Taebaek Snow Festival.

2. Night at Mt. Taebaek. The city of Mt. Taebaek glowed at night as I looked down from my hotel room. Distant mountains had already faded into darkness.

3. Tunnel through Mt. Namhan. I was finding my way to the Mt Namhan's fortress when I walked through this tunnel. I never know tunnel can look so nice on picture.

4. Halo around 63 Building. It was a cloudy and cold day. The sun had just fallen behind 63 building giving off a mystical charm.

5. Lily bloomed at Namsan. The cherry blossoms were blooming and Namsam was holding a flower festival. Lily, chrysanthemum, poppy and many other flowers were planted at various spots in the mountain to complement the sea of white and pink.

6. Lantern-lit Cheonggye Stream. A lantern display was held at Cheonggye Stream to coincide with the annual Lotus Lantern Festival. It was almost end of April.

7. Banpo Rainbow Fountain. I waited a long time. The fountain was officially open in late April. The lights, water, music and cool night was perfect to dream.

8. Earth has awaken. It was already late Spring. Water plants in the Children's Grand Park were thriving. The park was holding festival to celebrate Children Day.

9. I wanna blow a Dandelion Clock. Dandelion Clocks were all over the lawn in early summer. I blew and 'disintegrated' many of them hoping that all my wishes would come true.

10. Lotus and Monsoon. The monsoon brought a lot of rain. Fortunately, the day when I was in Seminwon (in Yangpyeong), the sky held. I like the reflection of the monsoon sky on the calm water surface. There is a "Han" (or "Zen") feel.

11. Escape to Busan. Gwangan Bridge is the best night view in Busan. However, the best place to be in is still Haeundae. 3 days 2 nights Busan trip was all I can afford this Summer.

12. Go North, Go Munsan. Munsan Station opened. I could finally go very near to the border via metro. It was early Autumn and the paddy field at Munsan was starting to turn golden.

13. Where two rivers meet, peace prevails. A place where the North and South Han River meets is called "두물머리". I visited the place twice. The last time was to bid farewell.

14. Almost Heaven. The best trip I ever made was to the Samyang Ranch. Emerald field, sapphire sky, majestic wind turbines, all in cool Autumn breezes. I thought I almost touched heaven.

15. Farewell Han. My last visit to Han River before I left Seoul. I was looking at Gangnam from Ttukseom Resort. The view at the river will continues to get better after I leave.

16. Autumn in My Heart. This banner made a fleeting appearance. It was shown for probably less than one hour before I changed to the next banner.

17. 'Constructing' Autumn. Since I can't 'meet' Autumn, I 'construct' it by using composite pictures. I normally use actual photos to make my banners. This is a rare exception.

18. Winter at the Olympic Bridge. It is winter again. Another cycle will begin for someone else. Last winter, when I was near Olympic Bridge, the environmental conditions were so good that all pictures turned out great.

If you ask me which banner I like best, I will say the next banner will be the best. But in case, where this is no next banner, I will pick the banner on Samyang Ranch.


  1. 사진들 이뻐~~esp pic with wind turbine~ ^_^

  2. I like 두물머리 and 63 빌딩 - good memories.

  3. What programme did you use to make all these blog banners?

  4. @tata, me2 think so ^^

    @anonymous 1, i am quite sure they were good memories.

    @anonymous 2, i use fireworks, a web graphics editing software.

  5. They're all so pretty and each capturing the sentiments of the season/event.