Thursday, December 10, 2009

크리스마스 빛

These pictures are a year late but Christmas is still Christmas. Everything is still the same except the cold weather. Snow is definitely not coming this Christmas.

Christmas lights at the Seoul Plaza Hotel.

A garden of lights at the Lotte Duty Free Shop, Jongno

Lit Christmas tree at the Hermes flagship store in Apgujeong.

Blue christmas lights at the Lotte Department store at Konkuk.


  1. how do you know it won't snow this christmas?

  2. Why not post some pictures of your country's Christmas lighting? I believe they will be as beautiful as you have seen in Korea. =)

  3. @anonymous1, i was thinking about spore when i wrote that.

    @anonymous2, i did post pictures of my country's christmas lighting. it was back in dec 2006. anyways, i am quite sure you know how beautiful it is, so do you really need me to show you pictures of it? =)