Sunday, September 13, 2009

끝과 시작

A fallen leaf on a bed of maple leaves

"Season comes season goes" is not the same as "the passing of time". But until I experience the four seasons, I used to use them as if they are interchangeable. Now that I know their subtle differences, I can better appreciate the meaning of time.

Time has no start and end but because of it, there is start and end to everything. So let's work hard for a good start, treasure every moment of the process and when it comes to the end, let go. I will let go if it is never meant to be hung on.

Magnolia has started to bud even before it sheds its leaves for winter


  1. Hi, great blog! Kim from sent you an email. Let me know when you get a chance to read. Thanks!

  2. wow..even kim is here.

    ps: that's one beautiful picture.I wonder how it feels like to sleep on it.Autumn is a peaceful season for me ^^


  3. @ kim, i have replied your mail.

    @ comet, you will fall to the ground if you sleep on it. the bed of maple leaves is actually the tree top.