Sunday, September 20, 2009

아시아 송 페스티벌

There are a few things I didn't quite know about the Asia Song Festival. First, ticket is not required for admission (except perhaps the VIP seat) because no one was actually checking. Second, entry into the stadium is not possible before 5:30pm even though it is stated that entry is possible from 3pm onwards. Third, the concert is more than 4 hours long.

The 6th Asia Song Festival was held at the World Cup Stadium on Sep 19 (Saturday). The show started formerly at about 6:30pm and dragged until 10:30pm. The stadium was almost two-thirds empty before the last song was sung. No climax was reached even though fireworks were released because most people left way before the end.

Anyway, I arrived at the stadium at about 4pm but was made to queue outside the North Entrance for the next 1.5 hours according to seat area. I found out later, ticket or no ticket, seat area or no seat area, nothing actually matters. When the gates opened, all hell broke lose. People pushed very hard to get through the gates which almost certainly could result in a stampede any time. Then, once inside the stadium, it was perfectly alright to sit anywhere (except VIP seat) you like because no one was checking the ticket. In other words, it was like free seating regardless what seat area you were previously allocated.

Also quite unfortunately, the atmosphere inside the stadium didn't get very high because the event was made into something quite formal. The MCs spoke in very formal tone and the show was 'interrupted' several times as VIPs were called upon, as part of protocol, to give away award to performing artistes. I mean giving award is fine but when the show get too lengthy, the award-giving could well become an 'interruption'. Last but not least, mics malfunctioned when members of SNSD and SJ were singing 'The Seoul Song'. The Seoul Song is presumably a new song written to promote Seoul's tourism. It was kept under wrap until the very end but only to reach 'anti-climax' marred by malfunctioning mics.

While areas for improvement are aplenty, I am still glad that there is such a regional song festival. The show was good although I could only watch it clearly through big LED screens. Let's hope that in the near future, we can all get to see this event being broadcast 'live' to the whole of Asia.


  1. omg you went to see the performance? the stage looks really great ^^

  2. you will have the chance to watch it in future if you do go for your exchange programme.