Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The CRT television in my dormitory’s room has a lot of problems.

Sometimes, for no reason, the screen would suddenly shrink to a line of light. But after a while, the line of light would usually open out to give a full screen. I wasn’t bother much by this problem because it wasn’t frequent.

However, the volume control was very problematic. More often than not, there would be no sound until I turned the volume level to 50 and above. Of course, when the sound came, it would be thunderously loud since the volume level was set very high. But when I tried to turn down the volume slightly, silent would return. Usually, I have to do a few iterations of up and down before I could get the TV’s speaker to work properly.

The problem doesn’t end here. Sometimes, the volume button would turn into a channel button. When I mean is that, when I pressed the volume-up button on the TV, the channel would increase by one number instead of volume and vice-versa.

The channel button was also not spared from problem. It could function or malfunction as a power-off button although I believe it wasn’t an intentional design. When I tried to switch channel using the TV’s button, the TV would just switch off automatically after a few presses.

If you are curious about the brand of TV, it is actually Sam*ung. You probably won’t be able to associate Sam*ung with poor quality TV since it is now the leading brand in LCD TV worldwide. But like what my teacher had said, “Who don’t have a past.” Perhaps, this may be a reason why Sam*ung had chosen to sell its LCD TVs in Korea under the brand name “PAVV’ instead of ‘Sam*ung’.

I am fully aware that I am making several assumptions and loose connections here. The problem with my room’s TV might just be an isolated case and that Sam*ung’s marketing strategy to sell its LCD TV under a different brand name could well have nothing to do with its past. So just take what I write with a pinch a salt.

What I want to say here is, although I have been living with a ‘broken’ TV, at least it is still functioning albeit some irritating faults here and there. At the end, I am still grateful with what I have because many students don’t even have a TV set in their room.

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