Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yesterday, Seoul was shrouded in mist. Pictures taken during the day turn out almost like black and white pictures.

Anyway, I got to know through news that Gwangjin Bridge (광진교) has just completed its 'make-over'. What is so special about this bridge is, it now has a park built on it. But what is more interesting is you can go beneath the bridge. They even built 'see-through' glass underneath the bridge so that you can see the Han River below. I felt giddy just standing on top of the glass. It was like I was standing in the air 10 metres above Han River. It was terrifying though I know it is 100 percent safe.

Cheonho Bridge (front) and Olympic Bridge (back) as seen from Gwangjin Bridge. Seoul was shrouded in mist so picture turns out almost black and white.

I was really underneath a bridge

Misty Gangnam as seen from Gwangjin Bridge

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