Wednesday, September 16, 2009

분위기 좋은 길

Ripe ginkgoes look like orange-colour grape

'Couple mug' selling at 15,000won per set

Creative '3-D' signboard

A lamp above a staircase

Outdoor fashion display

Store inside a small alley

Just a nice signboard

Jujubes or dates are almost ripe enough for picking

A small bench which is part of outdoor decor

Isn't it better for people to walk than to park a car here?

Afternoon tea alfresco style during autumn, anyone?

Another nice signboard

'Eye shopping' only

A short road with many interesting places

In case you want to know where the place is.


  1. 삼청동에 갔구나!
    거기에 가면 떡갈비 꼭 먹어야 지! 엄청 맛있었어... ㅎㅎㅎ.

  2. 어디인지도 몰라. 어떻게 먹어. 참

  3. Hi is this place at Samcheongdong? I've been there during my last visit to Korea but didn't think I ventured to this beautiful part. Thanks for sharing.