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I have not been blogging for the past few days not because I have nothing to write about but on the contrary, I have too much things to write that I don't think I can do a good job with the limited time I have. I shall write about them when I am back in Singapore. Anyway, I shall start with something "light" today.

I believe, unless you are a fan of "I like Dalki", not many people will know about the Dalki's Theme Park in Korea. Tour2Korea doesn't carry this piece of information. It was also not in my plan to visit the theme park. Rather, it was more like, I "accidentally" drop by when I visited the Hyeri Art Valley yesterday.

Getting to Heyri Art Valley was a long ride. First, I took the line 3 subway to its last station, Daehwa, and exited from Exit 5. Then I walked to the bus station at the back of the exit and waited for the bus no. 200. The bus comes at about 30 minutes interval. The bus trip costs 1,600 won and it takes about 50 minutes to reach Hyeri Art Valley. After alighting from the bus, it took me another 5 minutes walk to get to the theme park. By the way, Hyeri Art Valley is located at Paju City, the same city where Panmunjeom (판문점, 板門店) is also located. You can probably figure out how far North the place is.

A Dalki's bench. Dalki (딸기) is Strawberry - a gemini and unpredictable.

Dalki's friend - Dolbam (Chestnut). He is a taekowndo expert.

Dalki's sculptures. The 3-storey building at the back is the theme park.

Dalki's pet dog

Another Dalki's bench

The Dalki's Theme Park is divided into four smaller theme parks - I Like Dalki (딸기가좋아), Toy Musuem for the 20th Century Boys and Girls (20세기소년소녀관), Book Theme Park (집에안갈래) and Macaroni Theme Park (마카로니 테마파크). The entrance fee for each of the theme park is 5,000won, 2,000won, 7,000won and 7,000won respectively. A ticket to visit all four theme parks cost 16,000won. The park is open between 10:30 and 20:00 during weekend and public holidays. For weekday, it is between 10:30 and 19:00, for the months from March to October. During the winter months from November to Februrary, the closing time is brought forward by half an hour to 18:30. The theme park will be closed every Monday and on New Year Day, Seollal and Chuseok.

Dalki playing hopscotch with Su Bak (watermelon), Dolbam and Lemon

Dalki in her study room. I am not too sure if I am imagining thing but I keep seeing the word "HI" beneath Dalki's left eye.

Dalki partying with Banana, Dolbam and Lemon

Dalki in a postbox

Dalki in her sleeping room

Simply Dalki

Dalki at the toilet. I don't know why Korean cartoonists have special "affinity" for thing like excreta. Besides Dalki, Mashimaro is also fond of such brownish stuff. Perhaps, they just want to distance their characters from being labelled as "kawaii".

Dalki with boyfriend, Su Bak, at the cafe

Dalki in Juraissic Park.

Dalki's directional signs.

Dalki on the staircase

Dalki at the entrance of the theme park building

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