Wednesday, April 09, 2008

딸기되게 좋아

I was asked to give more details on how to go to the Dalki Theme Park situated in Hyeri Art Valley. So here are the details as requested.

To get to Hyeri Art Valley, first make your way on a subway to Daehwa Station (대화역, 大化驛), the last station at the northern end of Line 3 (orange-coloured line). Once you arrive at Daehwa Station, look for Exit no. 5 and make your way out of the station. Upon exit, turn around and look for a bus stop beside the main road. To be sure that you get the right bus stop, stand facing the main road. To your left, there will be "Buy the Way" convenience store and to your right, will be Dunkin' Donuts. Turn your head slightly to the right and you should see a stadium at the far end. The stadium will be a good reference point on your return trip to Daehwa Station. There is an electronics bus information LED display board inside the bus stop. You can look at the board to know how long more it takes for the Bus no. 200 to arrive. From my experience, there will be one Bus no. 200 every half an hour.

The bus fare for Bus no. 200 is 1,600won regardless of the distance travelled. If you have T-money, then you need not bother about how much to pay. Once you get inside the bus, you can take a look at the bus-route charts that are put up throughout the bus. Apparently, the Hyeri Art Valley stop is not around when the charts were printed. So you will likely see the Hyeri stop being handwritten onto the charts. The Hyeri stop is the last sixth or seventh stop (I can't remember clearly) in the route. The bus journey from Daehwa Station to Hyeri takes about 50 minutes. The bus will move through the town from stop to stop before it hit an expressway. After a short journey on the expressway, it will exit and arrive at another town. When the bus enters the town, you should see a gigantic "English Village" sign, something quite similar to the "Hollywood" sign, at the far end. At this juncture, it will probably take another 10 to 15 minutes before the bus arrives at the Hyeri stop.

When you see the "English Village" sign for a second time, Hyeri Art Valley is just around the corner literally. I can't remember how many stops to go before I reached Hyeri but it won't be that many. The name of the stop will be broadcasted in Korean. If you understand Korean, just listen out for "헤이리 예술마을" (Hyeri Yesul-Maeul) and press the bell. The bus stop for the Hyeri Art Valley is located just outside of Gate 4. By the way, there is no gate at Gate 4, so don't try looking for one. To know where is Gate 4 and how to get to the Dalki Theme Park, refer to this map. Looking at the map, follow the red line to the Dalki Theme Park ticket booth.

To return to Daehwa Station, from the bus stop where you alighted earlier, cross the road and look for the bus stop across the road. There is a convenience store beside the bus stop. Take Bus no. 200 for the return route to Daehwa Station. Listen out for "대화역" and alight accordingly. If you can't understand Korean, keep a lookout for the stadium, which I mentioned earlier, and hit the bell once the bus comes close to it. After you alight, cross the road to get back to Daehwa Station. As a guide, travel time between central Seoul and Hyeri Art Valley is about 2 hours and this include waiting time for the train and bus. So all together, it takes about four hours for a return trip.


  1. Hello.

    I wanted to say thank you for posting you detailed information about getting to Heyri Valley. I found your post on Google and it was very accurate. I only got a little lost at the end, but we just asked the bus driver so it was fine.

    I am a Korean from the US, and this was our first time to Seoul.

    Thanks again.

  2. James, you're welcome.
    I hope you've enjoyed your trip to Hyeri Art Valley. I definitely did.

  3. Hi
    i also found your post through
    google! i'm planning to go to korea
    soon and very interested in this place but gosh there is very little
    information about this place online
    until i found your post ^----^

    i'm an architecture student so i planed to go see the buildings over there at the valley ^----^

    thank youuu

  4. Hi, I am not an architecture student but I am still very much impressed by the buildings at Hyeri Art Valley.

    I hope my posting can help you find your way there safely. Have a great trip to Korea. ^^