Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It wasn't a gathering that was planned for. It happens that all of us were in Seoul for one reason or another that we arranged to meet for a dinner. For the dinner, we had Mushroom Spicy Soup (버섯매운탕) at a small Korean restaurant in the vicinity of Gwanghwamun. The evening weather was cold (at about 5 degC) and it just felt right to have something spicy to warm up the body.

Many Korean dishes may look the same because of the chilli pepper but the ingredients can be quite different. Though this dish is called mushroom spicy soup, there are udon noodles to fill the stomach. If that is not enough, the pot will be used to cook fried rice later just to ensure everyone leaves with a full stomach.

After the dinner, half of the group parted way for shopping at Dongdaemun while the rest of us, a threesome, went for coffee at "A Twosome Place". This was when I got my coffeine-overdose. I drank two big cups of coffee and that was enough to keep me awake until 5am the next day. I must say the ambience was really great. I shall let the photos do the talking.

After everything was over, I took the line 1 subway from the City Hall to Dongdaemun. But, perhaps I was daydreaming, I missed the station and ended up at Dongmyo, which is one station after Dongdaemun. I guess this is the problem when I get too comfortable with the Seoul subway system. I don't really monitor the stations these days like I used to as I can kinda "feel" when I need to get off. Since my feel went wrong that night, I have chosen to walk back from Dongmyo to Dongdaemun. It wasn't that bad since I also got the opportunity to enjoy the night scenery along the way.

Night scenery of Dongdaemun which I captured while I was making my way back to Dongdaemun Hotel. Because of the Doota building, it is easy to "see" Dongdaemun from afar.

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