Monday, March 31, 2008


I cannot complete writing about my day's happening because I either don't have Internet connection or I don't have power supply. I shall upload whatever I can and then complete the posting when I go back to Singapore.

I am back in Seoul after a day in Jinhae. Cherry Blossom has not bloomed in Seoul. It will probably take another week or so before they start blooming. I went down to Kyunghee today and there was no cheery Cherry Blossom to greet me. Kinda disappointed. Anyhow, I have taken some shots of the Plum Blossom in the campus to make up for the disappointment.

It's Springtime, so I must have strawberry. Walk past a fruit stall beside Hoegi station and bought one pack of them at 4,000won. The strawberry looked so fresh like they were plucked from the farm yesterday. They are so nice and sweet that I finished them in one afternoon. Sorry, no leftover :)


  1. 딸기!!! 왜 다 먹었어?? 나도 먹을래 ㅋㅋ

  2. 다 먹어버려서 내도 못해 -_-"

  3. hey equinox, my friend's in KHU now for the spring sem & she told me that she thought she saw u there. she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. hahha. :P

    the strawberries look extremely fresh! i want some too! ;)

  4. Your friend's eyes are well and good. hahaha...
    I was showing a friend, who is interested in the 3-week course, around the campus.