Saturday, October 24, 2009


Winter: A snow-covered path by a riverside in Changpyeong.

Spring: Lily blossoms at full glory in Namsan.

Summer: Gwanghwamun Square turned into a water park.

Autumn: 'Search' is underway to recover the 'missing' Autumn.


  1. Even now people are playing with water at Gwanghwamun Square even though it gets cold. In a newspaper, I ran into the announcement of the Seoul Photo Essay Contest 2009 ("the real story of Seoul") today. Even though this might be a little late and you said you are writing for yourself, I believe you'd have chances and it would be worth trying.

  2. Thank you. It's okay, I am giving it a miss.
    There are already enough people out there writing about Seoul.

    I think its crazy playing with water now. Its so easy to get sick now.

  3. The first two pictures are amazing. Do you mind if I save them? :D

    And I agree with you about the water. All the masks in the world won't stop the sickness if they're going to play in waters like such. -_-

  4. of course you can.

  5. 짐 가을이 여기 있습니다 ^_^
    여행하로 오삼~

    original time stamp: 27 October 2009 21:22

  6. 못가니까 나 대신 가을을 잡아줘.
    예쁜 가을 사진을 많이 찍어보여줘.
    고마워 ^^

    original time stamp: 27 October 2009 21:37