Wednesday, October 07, 2009

구문이 되었다

This is an old news by YTN. I like to watch it from time to time. It is like sitting in a time machine which can bring me back to my past in NUS Extension. The news was made 4 years old ago and that is about as long as I have studied Korean.

The teacher who appears in the video is also my teacher. My study in KHU would not have been possible without her. The Korean langauge programme in NUS's main campus would not have existed if not for her.

The students in the video are my seniors but many became my classmates later. We have since gone separate ways after completing our course in NEX

When I first came across this news, I could not understand a single word in it. But now, I can, and I am quite glad I can. It may be an old news now but a treasured one.


  1. I totally understand how you feel about that pieces of news! ^^ For me, the first episode of '강 심장' (a new variety show) is really special as that was the first korean show that I watched without any subs and understand it ^^ (of course there are still words/phrases that i don't quite follow)

  2. Congratulation ^^