Tuesday, October 13, 2009

희망과 기적

I watched 2 Korean movies on my flight back to Singapore.

'Castaway On the Moon' (김씨 표류기) is about hope. The movie says, "Hope is to be able to cook a bowl of Jjajangmyeon when all you have left in life is only a packet of seasoning."

'Why Did You Come to My House?' (집에 왜 왔니?) is about miracle. The movie says, "When someone you love, love you back, it is not just a miracle between two of you, it is real miracle."


  1. miss to go to cinema n watch korean movie again...
    Argh can't believe i haven't seen any movie after 국가대표~

    original time stamp: 18 October 2009 14:39

  2. 그래? 그럼 다음에 같이 영화 보러 가자 ^^

    original time stamp: 18 October 2009 23:26